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Bloomberg: China Growth Seen at 13-Year Low by Pimco

The reserve-ratio cuts are “meant to control the risk of a hard landing, not to avoid a soft landing,” said Stephen Jen, managing partner at SLJ Macro Partners LLP in London and former currency strategist at Morgan Stanley. “These monetary policies are reactive, very different from what some analysts had been expecting — something much more aggressive and pre-emptive.” […] Read more of this news item

FT: Euro fall would raise stakes for China/US

China reported disappointing trade numbers this week with exports and especially import levels far lower than expected, pointing to lower growth. But more importantly, analysts such as Stephen Jen, of London-based hedge fund SLJ Macro Partners and formerly the head of currency research at Morgan Stanley, believe that China is undergoing a major shift in the sources of growth, tilting away from investment-led growth to a more consumption driven model. […] Read more of this news item