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Die Zeit Op-Ed Piece

Stephen was asked to write an op-ed piece for the German weekly paper Die Zeit, on why we should understand the Germany way of solving the European Debt Crisis. The original article, in German, can be found by clicking the link below. For the english version, please click the PDF link below. […] Read more of this news item

NYTimes: Central Banker Facing a Test

“It’s like Dirty Harry saying, ‘Make my day,’ ” said Stephen Jen, a former economist at the International Monetary Fund who manages a hedge fund based in London. “You can’t imagine Greenspan or Bernanke saying something like this,” he said, referring to the previous and current chairmen of the United States Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan and Ben S. Bernanke. “It was very Italian and very powerful.” […] Read more of this news item

FAZ: Paris desires. Berlin decides. An Euro analysis from London

From time to time, Hedge Fund Manager Stephen Jen from London writes comments about the world economy and financial markets. Here is his newest, extraordinarily juicy analysis about the Euro. […] Read more of this news item

WSJ: Hedge-Fund Investor Jen, a Euro Bear, Gives Draghi Thumbs Up

Stephen Jen is a pronounced euro bear, but he gave a ringing endorsement of Mario Draghi’s new game plan for the euro zone’s debt crisis Thursday, even as markets were disappointed that the European Central Bank president delivered little. […] Read more of this news item