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FT: Forex dealers forced to change strategies

Stephen Jen, head of SLJ Macro Partners, says: “It’s definitely trickier. It’s not so straightforward to generate alpha.” His fund has been resorting to shorter term trading, using a discretionary approach to exit positions quickly before a central bank kills a trend.

“The duration of the positions that are held not just by us but others as well is shorter than before – you cannot buy and hold, it’s very, very difficult,” he says.

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WSJ: The 13 in 2013 Will Be Unlucky for the Euro, Jen Says

Next year will be better for euro bears, says Stephen Jen, a longtime believer in the trade.

Jen, managing partner at hedge fund SLJ Macro Partners in London, said his negative euro bets took a hit after the European Central Bank announced its bond-buying program in September.

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