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FT: Eurizon banks on the Italian financial system

Last year, Eurizon entered a joint venture in the UK by partnering with SLJ Macro Partners, a British hedge fund company. The two groups have launched one fund since forming the partnership, in which Eurizon owns a 65 per cent stake, and another fund launch is planned for the autumn.

The new Eurizon SLJ Capital funds will be managed by an investment team based in London but domiciled in Luxembourg.

When questioned whether London, in the wake of the Brexit vote, is the right place for an asset manager looking to grow internationally, Mr Corcos is adamant Britain will remain a big financial centre. This is because of the strength of its laws and its ability to attract talented people, he says.

He appears not to have lost his appreciation of the UK capital since the Brexit vote. “No one knows how we will finish with Brexit, but I still think London is very interesting for companies like ourselves,” he says.

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