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Reuters: Analysis: Turning point in the currency war

What’s more, Stephen Jen of hedge fund SLJ Macro Partners said if you look at the 15 percent wage inflation in China of recent years rather than more modest goods price inflation, then the yuan may already be at “equilibrium” and more two-way risk is in store. “It’s no longer clear the yuan is undervalued.” […] Read more of this news item

Telegraph: Trigger-happy central banks spark bond euphoria

“Stephen Jen from SLJ Macro Partners said the double blast of a “trigger-happy Fed” and an activist ECB has transformed the outlook for global assets this spring. “All investors should respect the rule ‘don’t fight the Fed’. A new rule is ‘don’t fight the ECB’. Certainly the market should not fight the Fed and the ECB at the same time,” he said. […] Read more of this news item

Hedge Funds Gain 2.63% in January

“The less-than-enthusiastic participation of the risk rally in the last few weeks suggests that investors who have been underweight risk will likely try to get on the bus,” SLJ Macro Partners’s Stephen Jen said in a recent note to investors. “As a result, risk assets could be pushed higher for longer, with modest pull-backs. […]” Read more of this news item

Spain and France in the Driving Seat for Now

“The explanation for Europe’s recent sovereign debt auction trends lies in the difference between the market for used and new cars, says Stephen L. Jen, managing partner of London hedge fund SLJ Macro Partners, in his latest research note. […]” Read more of this news item

Forex strategist launches new hedge fund

SLJ Macro officially launches on November 1st, 2011. Read more of this news item