Emerging Markets
at the Japan 2020 Olympics

At Eurizon SLJ, we have a passion for sport and competition and at the same time are motivated by understanding the markets, their economic and policy dynamics and their relations and interconnections with the political and social trends.

With the Olympics firmly under way, our new series of EM Insights aims to be a companion to the Olympic & Paralympic Games. We will provide macroeconomic and investment analysis on a wide range of topics whose common denominator will be the Emerging Markets that have, with varying degrees of success, competed at the Olympics and Paralympic Games.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is in a state of distress. From a bottom up standpoint, it is expected to rebound this year, although the recovery is likely to lag both global and regional peers. Likewise, the recovery faces further downside risks as...



We are very optimistic when it comes to the outlook for Ghana. From a bottom up standpoint, the recovery is on firm footing, reflected by favorable IMF forecasts over the next two years...

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Podcast - Is the term ‘Emerging Markets’ outdated?

In this short podcast episode, we ask Stephen Jen if the term ’emerging markets’ is now outdated…

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We are cautiously optimistic when it comes to Kenya. From a bottom up standpoint, the recovery story is notable; there has been a swift rebound from the pandemic...

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Following a swift vaccination programme and accommodative policies to cope with last year’s draught, the Moroccan economy is on the way to recovery. However, downside risks remain, with a difficult balance between sustaining the recovery and rebuilding policy buffers used to fight the crisis.

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Emerging Markets Roadmap

Q3 and Beyond - read the latest thinking from our team as they outline the macroeconomic roadmap for the Emerging Markets

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Emerging Markets = China + EM ex China

Aggregation is often used as an efficient shortcut to help investors think about market segments. But we find the term ‘EM’ increasingly problematic, because of the stark divergence between China and the rest of EM.

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We are very optimistic when it comes to the outlook for Egypt. From a bottom up standpoint, the recovery is on firm footing...

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E.&.G.L.E-i Blog

In another whirlwind week, E.&.G.L.E-i visits Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Poland and Turkey in our weekly round up...

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The situation on the ground in Zambia is concerning. From a bottom up standpoint, Zambia is only expected to...

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While Ukraine is expected to rebound swiftly from the pandemic, the economy has slipped back into recession over recent quarters...

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Dominican Republic

The fiscal position, which suffered in the wake of the pandemic, continues to...

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We are very optimistic when it comes to the outlook for Indonesia. From a bottom up standpoint, the recovery is...

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica over recent decades, the country faces significant challenges in the wake of the pandemic...

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More Country Profiles to follow

Throughout the duration of the Olympics and Paralympics we will be publishing further country profiles. To be automatically notified of these releases please subscribe to our insights using the form below.

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