Financial Climate Change and the Increased Risk of Storms

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A Proposal to turn Northern Ireland into a SEZ

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The Case for a Proactive Fiscal Strategy for Germany

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About Eurizon SLJ Capital

Eurizon SLJ Capital is a macro investment company that manages a hedge fund, and provides active FX overlay and macro advisory services. Stephen Jen and Fatih Yilmaz founded SLJ Macro Partners in April 2011, and bring together their expertise in macroeconomic analysis along with rigorous quantitative modeling.

Our business line is three-fold:
  • Macro Hedge Fund

    Macro Hedge Fund

    We combine our deep understanding and analysis of macro enhanced with quantitative modeling.

    Our Macro Hedge Fund

  • FX Overlay

    FX Overlay

    SLJ Macro provides active FX overlay services to aim to enhance performance ratios of global asset portfolios.

    Our FX Overlay

  • Macro Research & Advisory

    Macro Research & Advisory

    Our written research products aim to provide unique insights on key global economic and policy issues.

    Macro Research & Advisory

Our Team

  • Stephen Jen

    CEO and Co-CIO

    Stephen was MD of Macroeconomics and Currencies at Bluegold Capital from May 2009 to March 2011, in charge of managing the Fund’s currency risks as well as its macro strategies.

    Previously Stephen was an MD at Morgan Stanley and, from October 1996 to April 2009, held various roles, including the Global Head of Currency Research.


    Prior to Morgan Stanley, Stephen had spent four years as an economist with the IMF, covering economies in Eastern Europe and Asia. Stephen holds a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at Irvine (Summa Cum Laude) and a PhD in Economics from the MIT.


    • Fatih Yilmaz


      Originally from Turkey, Fatih completed his undergraduate studies in Economics in Istanbul.

      After his MA and PhD studies in Finance and Econometrics, he worked as Assistant Professor of Finance at Exeter in the UK (where he is currently an Honorary Fellow). Subsequently he joined Morgan Stanley as Currency Economist (2000-2003).


      Fatih later joined Bank of America as Chief European Currency Strategist, and following that he was an MD and Head of Institutional Quant at Bank of America Merrill Lynch (2005-2009). Before forming SLJ Macro Partners, Fatih was Director of Quantitative Research and Trading at Bluegold Capital during 2010.