We aim to build
intellectual partnerships
with our clients

Timely advisory services, customised to your needs,
delivered by our team of experienced professionals

A partnership approach

We work closely with our clients in a highly transparent and friendly atmosphere, with an attitude towards building a joint intellectual partnership.

Our approach combines our market expertise and analytical strengths in top-down discretionary macro trading and state-of-the art quantitative frameworks and modelling.

What we offer


Active FX overlay

Our tailored active FX overlay programs aim to deliver enhanced risk-adjusted portfolio returns relative to their benchmarks, with special emphasis on the underlying portfolio structure, base currency, and downside risk control.


Enhanced cash management

Our bespoke enhanced cash programs aim to improve returns on cash, using liquid global bonds with constrained duration, curve and credit risks, and strong commitment to capital preservation and risk targets.


Bespoke approach

The architecture of our programs are designed with full flexibility depending on specific requirements, ranging from pure advisory services to managed account structures, and all the way to single investor funds.

Meet The Team


Stephen Jen


Fatih Yilmaz

Economist and portfolio manager

Joana Freire

“Our focus is on establishing an intellectual partnership with clients that thrives on an open dialogue and understanding of their needs”

Fatih Yilmaz


Eurizon SLJ Capital

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