Research led,
outcome focused

Our investment process speaks volumes about us

Our unique macro research is at the heart of our company culture and our investment process. We aim to provide investors with long term, innovative solutions that consider the structural mega trends within the global economy.

We adopt a holistic approach to investing, which combines the diverse individual backgrounds and expertise of our emerging market, fixed income, currency and quantitative specialists.

Our research

Fundamental research, complimented by quantitative disciplines

We use proprietary multi-factor quantitative models alongside our research, experience, and active allocation skills to inform investment decision-making within our strategies.

We believe that our research-led active management approach offers the best opportunity to exploit inefficiencies inherent within emerging, currency and fixed income markets with the potential to add incremental value in a risk-aware manner. We focus on the cross-sectional aspects of the global economy as opposed to a traditional time-series approach.


Macro fundamentals

Structural mega trends within the global economy and business cycles, tensions between developed and emerging markets



Global monetary and fiscal policies, political developments, and policy factors


Market positioning

Market sentiment, liquidity, and participant positioning

Thinking local, acting global

Our portfolio managers incorporate practical knowledge of the local nuances of emerging markets, particularly in fixed income and foreign currency. Many of them speak local languages having lived and worked in some of the main emerging markets. This provides us with a unique combination of being able to communicate in their local languages, whilst also understanding the global context of how the world views these markets.


Eurizon SLJ Local
Emerging Markets Debt Strategy

The Eurizon SLJ Local Emerging Markets Debt Strategy provides exposure to emerging market debt opportunities in local markets and offers a compelling long-term alternative to core credit fixed income investments.


Eurizon SLJ Aggregate Bond RMB (Renminbi) Strategy

The Eurizon SLJ Aggregate Bond RMB (Renminbi) Strategy offers exposure to the world’s second largest bond market. It invests in a diversified set of Renminbi-denominated debt instruments traded on the China Interbank Bond Market or in other regulated markets in China and Hong Kong.


Eurizon SLJ Enhanced
Currency Strategy

An actively managed basket of liquid currencies and short-dated developed market government bonds with a strong commitment to long-term capital advancement and low volatility


Eurizon SLJ Global
Macro Strategy

A global macro strategy built on the orthogonal thinking and in-depth macroeconomic analysis of a diverse team of international fixed income and currency specialists