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Playing Catch-Up

“The economies of the US and Europe are still operating at levels that are meaningfully below their pre-pandemic trend of shadow capacity”

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Emerging markets and their investment opportunities in 2023

Despite a hostile geopolitical backdrop, a fast-moving Federal Reserve, slowing China and persistent global inflation, it has been a resilient year fo

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US Debt Limit Threat May Make China the Winner

“Given the bickering in the US, it is no longer clear that the US’s form of democracy clearly works better than the autocratic CCP approach,”

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Will China help the markets rise?

For the economy, this means that, barring accidents, China's recovery could come sooner, perhaps as soon as after Chinese New Year...

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Conviction Eludes Emerging-Market Rebound as Pain Points Remain

The Fed may pivot over the coming months, just as a policy-driven growth acceleration in China boosts demand for developing-nations’ goods...

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US-China Rivalry May Shape 2023 for the World

The great competition between the US and China—which only intensified in 2022—will likely be the most important theme of the coming decades, longt

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