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Why 2023 may be a good year for Renminbi bulls

More than 20 years ago, Stephen Li Jen and Fatih Yilmaz, both now of London-based Eurizon SLJ Capital, created the concept of the Dollar Smile framewo

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Pressure Builds in Japan’s Markets as Traders Ready for BOJ

Stephen Jen Says China Congress Not Necessarily Bad for Markets...

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“The stars have aligned to invest in emerging local currency bonds”

"Emerging markets have gone a long way towards reducing vulnerability to "hot" capital flows, improving stability"

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Inflation peak heralds end of USD strength

And ultimately the dollar should weaken again against the euro...

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Bond Aggregate RMB: Peak inflation could spell end of dollar strength

While core and headline inflation rates in the US are still high, there are concrete signs that they may have peaked.

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The Semiconductor Chip Shortage Seems to Be Easing

Why should the global supply chain and global shipping logistics never recover, or workers in the West never to return to work?

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