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The end of King Dollar? The forces at play in de-dollarisation

"What happened in 2022 was a very sharp plummeting in the dollar share in real-terms," Jen said...

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U.S. Bank Failures Are Fueling Crypto Adoption

Stephen Jen, CEO of asset management firm Eurizon SLJ and former managing director at Morgan Stanley, says the dollar is losing its reserve currency s

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China takes the yuan global in bid to repel a weaponized dollar

“Geopolitical tensions just make it that much more important for China to promote the international use of its own currency,” said Stephen Jen

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The world is not dumping its dollars

Jen argues that the dollar suffered a "stunning collapse" in its market share as a reserve currency last year, "presumably due to its muscular use of

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Larry Summers Says the Dollar Isn’t Losing Its Dominance in Global Economy

Stephen Jen, a longtime global macro analyst who co-founded Eurizon SLJ Capital Ltd., captured attention in recent days with analysis showing that the

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The Dollar’s Demise May Come Gradually, But Not Suddenly

According to Stephen Jen of Eurizon SLJ Capital, the dollar has already “suffered a stunning collapse”...

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Elon Musk warns currency weaponization will lead to nations abandoning it

Stephen Jen, as saying that “adjusting for price changes has revealed the true speed of de-dollarization...

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The US dollar’s imminent death is greatly exaggerated

Former Morgan Stanley economist Stephen Jen, it seems the idea the dollar will be dethroned is back in vogue.

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End of US Dollar Dominance Near? Greenback’s Share of Global Reserves Declining at Fast Pace

According to analysts at Eurizon SLJ Capital, the pace at which the US dollar is losing its reserve status has steeply increased in the last decade.

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Jen's latest briefing note argues that the US dollar has “suffered a stunning collapse” as a reserve currency, which has seemingly quickened after

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