A strong team of
inquisitive minds

A centre of excellence based on debate and curiosity

We believe that the most interesting and innovative ideas are generated through the constant and lively debate and communication amongst our Investments, Advisory & Research team, where everyone contributes their insights and views.

Our founding partners and Co-CIOs

Stephen Jen and Fatih Yilmaz have known each other for over 20 years and have held multiple senior positions in research and currency management at major investment firms worldwide.

Our company is the result of the long and successful working partnership between Stephen and Fatih, our founding partners and co-CIOs, who over the years have built an internationally recognised and trusted research business and a highly skilled investment team.

Our business leaders

A collaborative environment

The Investment, Advisory & Research team share a strong collaboration ethic. This allows a constant stream of information on macro, economic and monetary themes leading to interesting investment ideas and opportunities.

Based in London, our team is extremely diverse in terms of cultural and professional background. Most of our portfolio managers are originally from the emerging markets and speak local languages, having lived and worked in these countries. This provides us with the unique combination of being able to understand the local culture, whilst also applying the global context of how the outside world views these markets.

Investments, Advisory & Research team

The Investments, Advisory & Research team is composed of internationally recognised macro and foreign exchange investment professionals, led by Stephen Jen.

They work in a highly stimulating and open-minded environment, where research topics are chosen in a pragmatic way, based on continuous conversations with policymakers, industry thought-leaders and investors across the world.

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