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Estrategias de inversion: China and the real estate sector according to Eurizon

Stephen Li Jen, CEO of Eurizon SLJ; and Wenting Deng, makes an analysis of the current situation of the Chinese market and in particular the real esta

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SCMP: China’s US$1.4 trillion ‘One Belt, One Road’ set to make bigger impact than US’ Marshall Plan to rebuild post-war Europe

According to Stephen L. Jen, who estimates a value of US$1.4 trillion for the project. It will also boost trading links and help internationalise the

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Reuters: A US-China detente to avoid ‘fiscally assured destruction?’

Stephen Jen at Eurizon SLJ thinks the idea of complete decoupling is riven with problems and has to be 'calibrated'...

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El Pais – Stephen Li Jen, economist: ‘The dollar is the only currency that does not have a linear relationship with its economy’

The co-creator of the ‘Dollar Smile’ hypothesis — devised in 2001 — believes that his theory is still valid today. He thinks the US currency i

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Business Insider: Welcome to the Dollar War

By Jen's calculations, the share of global reserves held in dollars saw a sharp decline in 2022, eroding at nearly 10 times the average annual pace of

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Bloomberg: Wall Street Is Buying Into Dollar Smile Theory at a Frantic Pace

US economy set to dodge a big recession, Stephen Jen says

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Financial Times: Beware a Chinese ‘dollar avalanche’

In a recent note, Eurizon SLJ’s Stephen Jen and Joana Freire also observed that Chinese companies have been hoarding dollars lately...

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Markets Insider: Partial de-dollarization is possible, but China won’t dethrone the greenback even if it becomes the world’s largest economy

Economist Stephen Jen, the CEO of Eurizon SLJ, has forecasted that a "tripolar" currency system could eventually emerge, with the dollar ruling alongs

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Markets Insider: Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says to expect a gradual decline in the dollar’s share of global reserves

The US dollar's reserve status has seen gradual erosion for two decades...

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SCMP: De-dollarisation is about politics as much as economic viability

Stephen Jen, the CEO of Eurizon SLJ Capital, argued in a note to clients that the dollar is losing its reserve status...

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