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Inflation beaten? ‘Team Transitory’ re-emerges

There does not seem to be sufficient appreciation for the fact that the global economy is still operating at levels substantially below its historical

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“Renminbi bonds are a counterweight to the equity markets”

The renminbi (RMB) has stabilized and is on track to recover against the dollar and other currencies...

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Netflix Gives a Preview of the Stranger Things From the Dollar Strength

The greenback’s strength could also be because of the Dollar Smile, a theory about the dominant global reserve currency developed by Stephen Jen...

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Three external shocks shake the world economy – with different durations

In my view, while the three shocking events – US inflation, Russia/Ukraine and China's zero Covid strategy – are quite complex and difficult to tr

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“We must be aware of the advantages of investing in local emerging debt”

“It is in this market, where real yields on offer are currently at record highs, currencies are undervalued and underinvested by investors...“

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Geopolitical motivations will not be able to frustrate the popularity of Chinese bonds

Looking from a distance from Europe, everything that happens in China, including its political and economic positions, seems monolithic, but this is n

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